Use the interactive End User Training demonstration to learn more about OnBase and the functionality of the various clients. The demonstration includes hands on activities geared toward helping the end user understand and utilize OnBase functionality.

To use the training help, you must have the latest Flash Plug-in installed on your system. If you do not already have it installed on your computer, you may download a free copy from at

Suggested Unity Client Lessons:
  1. Unity Client Tour
  2. Document Retrieval
  3. Cross References
  4. External Text Search
  5. Custom Queries
  6. Highlights/Annotations/Notes
  7. Note Search
  8. Working with Images
  9. Working with Text Documents
  10. Working with PDFs and Word Documents
  11. Uploading and Indexing Documents
  12. User Options
  13. Workflow
  14. Document Imaging
*Due to the authentication settings for IU OnBase, the logon box in the demo does not match the actual IU OnBase logon box. There are only two text fields, one for username and one for password, the database field does not display.