You may send all support requests and inquiries to To expedite support, please send the information specified for the request types noted below.

User Access Request

User access changes must be submitted by your department's designated OnBase contact. If you are a departmental contact and need to add or remove access please provide the following user information:
  • Department/Campus
  • Environment(s) required: Production and/or Stage
  • User's network ID
  • User's FERPA tutorial completion status (Note: if the user completed FERPA in the last 24 hours we cannot verify completion without the confirmation number.)
  • Comparable departmental user with same access as needed for new user
  • User groups required

Configuration Change Request

To make changes to your document types, keywords, or existing structure please send the following information:
  • Department/Campus
  • Environment(s) where the change is required: Production and/or Stage
  • Changes required

New Departments Request

If you'd like a consultation to discuss how OnBase might benefit your department, please send the following information:
  • Department/Campus
  • A brief explanation of your business needs and interest in OnBase
  • Number of anticipated departmental users
  • Needs for sharing documents beyond your department
  • Local IT Support Contact Person